Running Fun With Some Sun

Finally! It’s spring in Wisconsin! Honestly at this point it’s almost summer. We kind of did one of those season skips again this year. Going from cold and windy to warm almost overnight. This week has been in the 70’s for most of the days with the next week looking very similar.

Every year when the temps quickly turn from cold to warm I need to remind myself about proper hydration techniques. This isn’t something that our southern friends have to deal with but up in the midwest I have personal run in temps that have been 130 degree fahrenheit or more in difference (-30 to 100+ degrees). That is a massive difference and one your body doesn’t just get used to overnight.

Staying hydrated during a run means making sure you are intaking fluid regularly. During the winter I often find myself sipping much less frequently but when the temperatures change abruptly, I need to be taking sips of liquid every 10 minutes. Welcome to May and to great summer without hydration issues!