Spring Training Is In Session

So-called “spring” is here but don’t let the calendar fool you. It’s not spring, at least not in Wisconsin. Its been cold, windy, and snowing. Yes snowing in April. While this is something that happens from time to time the past year feels different. It doesn’t feel like we’ve had seasons in over a year. It seems as if its gone from winter to summer to winter with nothing that remotely resembles fall or spring.

Th long blur has really worn on me. It’s made it tough to get one foot out the front door. Not that I haven’t gone out, that’s actually far from the truth. Its just that I feel myself second guessing going outside for the first time since I can remember. The fear of the cold and how sick I can get because of it puts this strange fog over every run.

Today was no different. When I awoke it was in the low teens with a windchill of zero degrees. Yes zero. That isn’t space points, that’s full on degrees in fahrenheit. It’s one thing if you see that in January or February but April 7th? Go home mother nature.

Either way I accomplished what I set out to do. Fueling and hydration was spot on and my pace was acceptable for this time of year. I was left with plenty of fuel left in the tank which bodes well given that my next race is 160 days from now. I choose to not have a large race load this year to enjoy the summer activities. There is a lot in life to enjoy and just because I love to run doesn’t mean that I don’t love going out to my land to tend to the Apple Orchard or prepare for building a home.

I’ll leave with this. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SPRING? Pretty please?!