Tri-ing Can Be Tough

Triathlon… It can be the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. Hell, even that changes by the day. The last few weeks have been pretty tri-ing (see what I did there?) for me especially. See, most sports come…

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Colorado March 2015

The trip to Colorado proved to be a pretty boring drive. Iowa and Nebraska as about as far from exciting to drive through as you can get. Once we got to the mountains that was another story as you can…

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Internet TV is here with Sling TV

This week I was finally able to get my hands on the working and final product known as Sling TV. An internet based TV program. Now let’s get this straight, this is basically traditional TV for all its pros and…

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Florida December 2014

It’s always nice to be able to get away from the cold. Luckily I was able to do that and made a stop in Fort Lauderdale to visit some friends. We did a lot in the very short time I…

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The Cold Weather Has Set In For Good

*Photo taken November 13th at first snow fall Not sure about anyone else but it seems like winter has been here far too long already. We’ve had snow and three weeks of 10’s and 20’s. The only good thing is…

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Exam Questions

It was the end of the school year and Joey’s mother asked: “And were the exam questions difficult?” “They weren’t bad at all,” her son replied. “It was the answers that gave me all the trouble.”

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